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  • Garcia Hong Law APC


    10680 Treena Street
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    San Diego, California 92131

Clients trust us with their important legal concerns because we provide:

  • Skillful Advocacy Our attorneys have a long track record of providing successful outcomes for our clients involved at all stages of litigation and dispute resolution – from pre-filing to trial and on appeal.
  • Strategic Guidance We provide strategic guidance to our business clients who range from Fortune 500 companies to small, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses to professionals.
  • Value  As a small firm, we are able to provide personalized and cost-efficient services to our clients.


  • Business litigation — As business litigation attorneys, we assist companies by evaluating contract terms and handling breach of contract disputes. We are also skilled corporate lawyers and take on complex cases related to trade secrets, partnership and shareholder disputes and other commercial litigation.  
  • Real estate litigation — In our firm’s real estate litigation practice, we represent clients in disagreements related to purchases, sales and construction of property.  
  • Legal ethics — We advise lawyers about legal ethics concerns and help those who are departing from their law firm make smooth and conflict-free transitions. In addition, we also help clients evaluate whether their lawyer’s conduct fell below the standard of care or breached their contractual duties.   
  • Professional liability — Our firm helps accountants, corporate officers, insurance brokers, real estate agents and other professionals discover how to reduce professional liability risk. We also defend them against professional liability.
  • Personal Injury — We help individuals and their families with life-changing injuries.

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