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Experienced BUSINESS Attorneys Help Clients Resolve Contract Disputes

At Garcia Hong Law, we help clients resolve disputes that arise out of contracts and agreements. One of the most common problems facing businesses is a contract dispute. Finding an informal resolution to the dispute can save in costs, resources, and the emotional burden on the company’s leadership. A public battle in the courts may be harmful not just to a company’s bottom line, but also its long term reputation.

For business owners, it is important to partner with lawyers who can provide you with a thorough evaluation of your risks, exposures, and options to enforce the terms of a contract or get out of a problematic contract. We pay attention to tricky provisions including alternative dispute resolution, venue, and choice of law to best guide your business if litigation is your next move.

With more than 70 years of combined experience representing businesses, including defense contractors, energy companies, technology startups, retail and the service industry, we are also adept at analyzing coverage and complex indemnification provisions between parties.

Our experienced Southern California attorneys have handled contract disputes involving:

  • Contract obligations for payment or performance
  • Confidentiality and trade secrets
  • Non-compete or non-solicitation covenants
  • Equitable and contractual indemnification
  • Waivers and assumption of risk
  • Independent contractor and subcontractor terms
  • Shareholder disputes

Contact our reputable Southern California attorneys for your legal needs that affect you and your business at 858-255-0163 or contact us online.