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Legal Ethics



Garcia Hong Law has represented both lawyers and law firms in professional liability claims, including legal malpractice, breach of fiduciary duties, fee disputes, and dissolution for more than 40 years of combined experience. We have also counseled and defended lawyers on professional responsibility, legal ethics, and risk management. This includes providing nuanced advice that arise with partner departures, firm dissolution, and starting your own firm.

We follow any updates or changes to California’s Rules of Professional Conduct, local bar ethics opinions, and trends across the country with the ABA Model Rules. We are often called upon by our colleagues to review fee or engagement agreements, conflict of interest waivers, and advertising/communications with the public. We have also worked with lawyers to respond to California State Bar complaints.



Based on our experience with legal malpractice defense, Garcia Hong Law attorneys have a unique perspective in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a legal malpractice claim. We can often resolve these types of claims without emotional and expensive litigation. We have assisted clients pursue legal remedies where their attorneys’ representation was below the standard of care, including where a statute of limitations has been blown, where an attorney has failed to diligently provide competent advice, or where an attorney had a conflict of interest.

Proving these elements of a legal malpractice claim are often complicated and require expert opinions on whether the attorney was negligent. It also requires skilled attorneys who are adept at learning the underlying case and other practice areas including estate planning and probate law, personal injury, contracts, shareholder disputes, and conflicts of interest. With more than ten years of experience understanding complex issues regarding causation, the “case-within-the-case,” and the changing landscape of legal ethics, Garcia Hong Law has the expertise to review the facts and voluminous evidence in the underlying case, evaluate risks, and develop a litigation strategy.