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Garcia Hong Law understands the unique challenges that arise when professionals are at risk of litigation. Professional liability claims can threaten the finances, reputations, and careers of professionals. Garcia Hong Law helps professionals and their insurers assess their risks, advise them on procedures and ways to avoid lawsuits, and aggressively defend them when litigation is imminent.

We have represented professionals, including attorneys, accountants, directors and officers, real estate brokers and agents, and insurance brokers. We will work with professionals through their insurers’ errors and omissions policies and directly when the professional is self-insured.

Clients our law firm has achieved successful results for include:

  • Lawyers facing legal malpractice claims;
  • Real estate agents and brokers facing claims of failure to disclose / misrepresentations, or failure to maintain client confidentiality and loyalty; 
  • Insurance agents facing claims of failure to advise the insured or obtain appropriate coverage 

Based on our defense expertise, we have also helped clients evaluate potential claims where there may be professional negligence, malpractice, and breaches of fiduciary duties by the professionals they trust. We will vet our clients’ claims that their professional’s conduct fell below the standard of care, including consulting with experts in the professional’s field, before we prosecute or file a lawsuit because we understand the impact of litigation on both sides.

The San Diego-based business attorneys at Garcia Hong Law provide client-focused and results-oriented strategies to help you get back to business, if that involves settlement or fighting it out in court. Call us at (858) 255-0163 or email us at [email protected] to speak with an experienced attorney for help with professional liability matters.