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California Attorneys Represent Victims of Legal Malpractice

Law firm advocates for clients in the San Diego area whose attorneys commit substantive errors

Attorneys undergo a rigorous application process, background checks and examination to obtain a license to practice law in California. They are also scrutinized by the state bar to in an effort to maintain the integrity and quality of legal practice in the state. But when you've received substandard counsel that affected the outcome of your case, you have a right to hold that lawyer accountable. The attorneys at Garcia Hong Law have an unwavering commitment to the principled, dutiful practice of the legal profession. We expect the same firm dedication to ethical, competent legal practice from our peers. To uphold these high standards, we represent clients in the San Diego area and throughout California in legal malpractice claims. If you have been harmed by the unprofessional, unethical or unlawful actions of another attorney, we will seek the justice you deserve.

Proven advocates support your right to effective, ethical representation

When you retain legal counsel, your attorney has certain specific obligations to you. You should expect the attorney you hire to:

  • Uphold the U.S. Constitution
  • Practice in accordance with the California Bar rules of professional conduct
  • Approach the court and judicial system with respect and honesty
  • Act in your best interest
  • Provide details about expenses and fees
  • Retain fiduciary and accounting obligations
  • Maintain confidential communications
  • Abide by contractual agreements

When an attorney fails to fulfill these obligations, your case or rights may be negatively impacted. We will work to get you the justice you deserve when your lawyer has failed to provide legal services that conform to accepted standards of practice.

Skilled litigators pursue legal remedies for aggrieved clients

It's important to know that you have options if your legal counsel’s representation is fraudulent or negligent. We will review the facts of your case and help you pursue the best means of obtaining relief, which could include:

  • Suing the attorney
  • Filing a grievance with the California Bar Association
  • Negotiating with your attorney to rectify the problem
  • Representing you in mediation with your attorney to reach an equitable agreement
  • Assisting you in obtaining competent representation to complete your legal matters

If you have lost a case, been wrongfully imprisoned or given up rights due to your former attorney's mistakes, inaction, or conflict of interest, we will advocate on your behalf for the most beneficial outcome possible.

Contact California attorneys for your legal malpractice claim

Garcia Hong Law represents clients throughout California in legal malpractice claims against their former counsel. Call us at 858-255-0163 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our San Diego office.