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February 8, 2024 – Contra Costa County, California. This is a photo of the calm of the hallways of Contra Costa Courthouse this morning before Garcia Hong Law obtained a victory for its clients.

Garcia Hong Law prevailed on its Motion for Summary Judgment to dismiss a Complaint brought in Contra Costa County for defamation, intentional interference of prospective economic relations and contractual relations, and negligent interference of prospective economic relations and contractual relations. The plaintiffs alleged they were harmed by statements made by Garcia Hong Law’s clients to the plaintiffs’ employers about off-duty misconduct by a police officer and a church school teacher.

The Court dismissed the plaintiffs’ claims on procedural and substantive grounds. Garcia Hong Law’s clients are continuing to pursue their own cross-claims for sexual battery, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

The Court determined that the plaintiffs could not establish any of their claims as a matter of law and entered judgment in favor of Garcia Hong Law’s clients. Prior to this outcome, Garcia Hong Law had already convinced the plaintiffs to dismiss their claims for intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Winning a motion for summary judgment in California is challenging because it requires the party to demonstrate that there are no genuine issues of material fact, making the case clear-cut and warranting a judgment without a full trial. This can be complex due to the subjective nature of legal disputes and the need to convince the court that no reasonable jury could rule in favor of the opposing party.

Valerie Garcia Hong and Coleman Alguire handled the motion, with the help of their Summer Law Clerk, Benjamin Kelly. To learn more about Garcia Hong Law’s civil litigation practice, visit

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