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February 11, 2024 - San Diego, California. Garcia Hong Law is a Bayanihan Sponsor of the Pinay Powerhouse Conference in San Diego on March 22-24, 2024. Pinay Powerhouse is a 501(c)(3) educational charity organization committed to empowering Pinay lawyers, future lawyers, JD+ and legal professionals.

"Kapag may itinanim, may aanihin" is a Tagalog phrase for: "If you have planted something, you will harvest something." At Garcia Hong Law, we believe in the act of planting a seed for the possibility of growth and transformation. It is a powerful symbol of hope and potential that we see for our firm and the clients that we serve.

Learn more about the Pinay Powerhouse conference at Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego is hosting the conference. Of Counsel Jonah Toleno is on the Board of Directors and a Past President. Associate Attorney Dorothy Grafilo was awarded the Student Scholarship in 2023. Principal Valerie Garcia Hong is a Past President.

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