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April 1, 2024 - San Diego, California. Garcia Hong Law prevailed on key discovery motions on behalf of their client, Kobe La, against Gabriel Ramos in a lawsuit involving assault and hate crime claims. In June 2021, Kobe and his friends were having a bonfire at Ocean Beach. In his complaint, Kobe claims that Ramos attacked him and his friends because he was claiming the bonfire. Kobe suffered a broken jaw and permanent injuries. During the altercation, Kobe claims Ramos and his wife used racist comments like "yellow b*tch." Ramos pled guilty to criminal charges.

To learn more about Kobe's story, visit this news story on ABC10News.

Mark Simpliciano handled several discovery motions and obtained over $5000.00 in sanctions against Ramos.

Defending against hate crimes is not just about protecting one group or another; it's about defending the very fabric of our humanity. We must stand together, unwavering in our resolve to combat Asian hate crimes, ensuring that every individual feels safe, respected, and valued in our society.

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