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Several prominent lawyers from large law firms and corporate legal departments have teamed up to launch The Alliance for Asian American Justice, a pro bono initiative for victims of anti-Asian hate. The goal is to stand up for victims through the legal system and prevent future acts of anti-Asian hate. Many Asians and Asian Americans have been under represented and denied due process due to language and cultural barriers that bar legal access.

“The Alliance will allow the hundreds of prominent and accomplished lawyers of Asian descent in law firms and corporations (many of whom are former federal and state prosecutors) to leverage their expertise to advocate for and ensure justice on behalf of victims. Our non-Asian allies are likewise committed to joining us in this important work. We are eager to take action and look forward to many others joining in this fight,” said Don H. Liu, Founding Advisory Board Member of the Alliance, and Executive Vice President and Chief Legal & Risk Officer of Target Corporation.

For more information on The Alliance for Asian American Justice, email [email protected].

Our lawyers support the goals of The Alliance for Asian American Justice. We are actively involved in community-based organizations including Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego, Women of Color in Law, and Pag Asa Legal Clinic to provide a voice for those who are marginalized.


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